Fundraising allows us to have a full and rich band experience for all the musicians in the Union Band program. This includes music, sessions with instrument specialists, team building for students, repairs on school-owned instruments, and more.

Our main fundraiser this year will be Fundraise Genius. It allows for easy, direct donations from family and friends without the hassle of in-person selling, or feeling the obligation to buy something. Information coming at the start of the school year.

The first $100 (or $50 for returning students) goes towards the student’s uniform fee.

The next $100 goes to the student’s required fundraising contribution.

Additional funds go towards the whole band program goal of $25,000. And once that is met, profits from future fundraisers will be credited to the individual student’s account to cover fees for trips, honor band or as credit towards next year’s fees.

To bypass participating in fundraisers, a check can be made to Union Band Booster Association for the full $200 (or $150 for returning students.) Checks can be dropped in the black lock box labeled Band, in the band room. Please mark student’s name on the check.

February – Coffee, Tea, See’s Candies


For each student to get credit for their candy sales, Jessica needs to add them into See’s system. If your student is interested in selling See’s Candy for this fundraiser, please email the student’s name and email address. After the student is entered into the system, they should receive an email with an order link that will show them as the seller. They can send this link to family and friends.

Sorry for the confusion – feel free to email Jessica if you have any questions.


Coffee and tea sales through Giving Bean Coffee. If you are interested in participating in this event, you will need to sign up here, for a seller ID#. It is easy to do and only takes a couple of minutes, you’ll need your name and email address. Once you register you will get an email with your ID # and a link to the store, share the link and your ID # with friends/family so that you get credit for the sale. This is for LOCAL friends and family only.  The store is open Feb 20 – March 10.  All the products will be delivered to the school by the last week of March. 

You will get a separate link later that can be shared with non-locals and they can order and have it shipped directly to them. 

TBD – Auction/Raffle

April – Plant Sale (flowers, veggies)

Fred Meyer Rewards Card

If you have a Fred Meyer Rewards card, sign up for the Community Rewards program online and link your card to the Union Band Booster Association – Click Here.  It  only takes a few minutes to get set up.  Please note, your card will not signal that you support Union Band Booster Association until you complete the online registration.

Contact if you are interested in more information on any of these fundraisers.